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Lol Sasori’s and Deidara’s face X3


Lol Sasori’s and Deidara’s face X3

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my favourite naruto characters so far 

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Anonymous asked: idk if the admins know much about harry potter, but what would each akatsuki see if they looked into the mirror of erised? and what kind of scents would be in their amortentia?


I do know my fair share of Harry Potter. Meaning that I read all the books and watched all the movies— For the amortentia (love potion), if you want me to write what’d they smell for the Akatsuki ships like PeinXKonan or SasoriXDeidara, just ask again. SPOILERS ON THE TOBI ONE. 

Pein/Nagato: When he would look into the Mirror of Erised, a mirror that shows you your deepest desire, he would see his family and him together once again.

Konan: When would look into the Mirror of Erised, she’d see herself living happily with her close comrades Nagato and Yahiko and see that they’re leading a peaceful life. 

Deidara: Deidara would see everyone admiring his art and having the Uchiha clan bowing down to his art, saying that his art is more superior than their Sharingan. 

Sasori: He would see himself with his parents again, with them both alive. 

Itachi: Itachi would see himself back with his clan once again and they aren’t planning to overthrow Konoha. 

Kisame: Kisame would see himself freelancing and doing as he pleases. 

Hidan: Hidan would see himself somehow being with Jashin and remaining immortal as is.

Kakuzu: Kakuzu would see himself making quite a lot of money off bounty hunting and being able to live his life with no disruptions.

Tobi: Tobi would see himself back in Konoha with his old childhood crush Rin. 

Zetsu: He would see himself as he is in the Akatsuki, but with less hindrances.

Amortentia: They all smell their lover’s/crush’s perfume and shampoo or signature scent.

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Naruto’ + popular tumblr posts

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